London Tea - Sencha Green


London Tea - Sencha Green

London Tea - Sencha Green

Organic Sencha Green Tea from the London Tea Company. Each tea-bag in this box is filled with nothing but 100% Sencha green tea leaves; sustainable sourced and given official certification from Fair Trade. Once boiling water hits these tea-bags a delectable aroma is released, with a great taste that helps you to truly unwind. 

Mug, cup or pot; pop a bag in and pour over just boiled water. Give it a gentle stir and one to three minutes brewing time for a delicious cup of tea

Product of Sri Lanka
Certified Fair Trade
Free of gluten, nuts, dairy, wheat, soya and added sugar
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
Packaged in paper carton
Store in a dry and cool place

This product supports the Cafedirect Producer's Foundation

These teabags contain no plastic.

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